18 augusti 2023

Here to serve - #NoMatterWhat

In LM International’s humanitarian work, we are increasingly witnessing how humanitarian needs continue to grow, and that humanitarian crises are getting more complex. Both natural and man-induced catastrophes are on the rise. An upsurge in conflict and humanitarian crises globally is driving record levels of displacement and humanitarian need.

As a Swedish Global Humanitarian Foundation, our commitment is to provide humanitarian assistance to some of the hardest to reach areas, striving to reach the most vulnerable. Navigating challenging and politically fragile contexts, rising security threats and geographical hurdles, our teams continue to serve, No Matter What. Our vision – “Dignified life. Sustainable world” fuels our passion and continued support for humanitarian interventions.

In commemorating the World Humanitarian Day 2023, we reiterate our commitment to delivering principled humanitarian action. Even in the most recent challenging situation in Sudan, our teams have remained to serve the affected communities, No Matter What. We recognize the courage, commitment, and resilience of many humanitarian actors despite the divergent risks they face in the provision of aid as well as the daunting challenges plaguing humanitarian support in recent times.

It is without doubt that aid workers constitute a critical part of society yet assaults against aid workers are still prevalent especially in conflict contexts. All must commit to ensuring the protection and welfare of humanitarian workers. #NoMatterWhat, we continue to serve humanity.