Significant partnerships

Läkarmissionen is a member of, or collaborating with, a number of organisations which are relevant to our operations.



In 2015, Läkarmissionen was admitted as a member of CONCORD Sweden, a network of more than fifty Swedish civil society organisations. The goal of the network is to advocate foreign aid policy issues in an EU context, as well as to strengthen the knowledge of member organizations and their ability to apply for grants from the EU. CONCORD Sweden also monitors Swedish policies in this field with a view to ensuring that they become more coherent, and contributes to global development and poverty reduction.



EU-CORD is a network of 22 Christian organisations in the EU member countries. Its aim is also to influence the focus of EU foreign aid, disseminate knowledge about the EU’s role as an aid stakeholder and increase the ability of its members to apply for EU funding. Läkarmissionen participates in the management committee of and contributes to the continuous development and relevance of the network. This network includes a large number of competent collaborative partners that contribute significantly to Läkarmissionen’s capacity to respond quickly in the event of humanitarian disasters around the world.


Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd (FRII)

Läkarmissionen is a member of Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd (FRII), in English The Swedish Fundraising Council, a membership which is important for several reasons. Their Code of Quality (FRII-koden) and impact report are instrumental in maintaining a high level of credibility for fundraising organisations as a whole, but FRII also offers the opportunity to interact on a number of issues in which a united voice carries more weight. 


Human Bridge

As one of the founders of Human Bridge, Läkarmissionen is involved in a comprehensive aid programme that provides hospitals in a number of countries, primarily in Africa, with medical supplies. The organisation promotes a combination of development and environmental activities. In order to raise funds for material aid shipments, over 7,000 tonnes of textiles were collected during 2015, which also contributes to a reduced environmental impact in Sweden.



During autumn 2015, the relationship with a long-standing collaborative partner, Medair, has been strengthened. Medair possesses a substantial capacity for humanitarian disaster relief and is headquartered in Switzerland. Through this partnership, Läkarmissionen can now participate in the initial emergency phase with its own staff. This creates greater relevance for Läkarmissionen in relation to both existing and new partners.


Strømme Foundation

Strømme Foundation is a Norwegian development organisation focused on education, microfinance and advocacy. The partnership enables both organisations to benefit from each other's expertise, networks and educational sessions on topics of mutual interest. Other key benefits are submitting joint applications for institutional funding, and working together on joint efforts such as evaluations and lobbying activities. Strømme Foundation is also collaborating with Läkarmissionen in establishing the regional resource center in Kampala, Uganda.


Svenska Missionsrådet (SMR)

In 2014, Läkarmissionen was approved as a member of an important network of aid organisations, Svenska Missionsrådet (The Swedish Mission Council). SMR is an important forum for Swedish organisations with Christian values that currently includes 35 organisations under its umbrella. SMR distributes SIDA funds to aid projects, and approximately MSEK 130 annually is channelled to its member organisations for projects in around 50 countries. In September 2015, Läkarmissionen was granted funds for the first time by SMR for a three-year project in Honduras focusing on children’s rights.


Svensk Insamlingskontroll

Development aid is largely financed by donations from private individuals in Sweden. The main fundraising channel for this is Läkarmissionen’s "90 accounts" (registered donor accounts), which provides donor security as all revenues are verified by Svensk Insamlingskontroll (The Swedish Fundraising Control).