Regional resource centers

The objective of establishing Regional Resource Centers is to strengthen and develop the relationships with our local partners to jointly ensure the quality and development of individual projects and programmes.

Currently, Läkarmissionen operates a regional resource centre in Miami for projects in Latin America, one in Kampala, Uganda, for projects in Eastern Africa. Since 2018 we also also have one resource centre in Chiang Mai, for projects in Asia.

Contact person in Miami: David Forsberg, david.forsberg@lakarmissionen-usa-org.

Contact information RRC Miami:

Läkarmissionen Regional Resource Center
Lakarmissionen-USA, Inc.
8068 NW 29 St
Miami, Fl 33122, USA
Tel: +305 591 1242
Fax: +305 591 1262

Contact persons in Kampala: Marcus Holmgren, marcus.holmgren@lakarmissionen.se and
Rose Nyakato Komakech, rose.nyakato@lakarmissionen.se.

Contact information RRC Kampala:

Läkarmissionen Regional Resource Center
c/o Stromme Foundation East Africa
Plot 25 Bukoto Street,
P.O. Box 27200 Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: (Ug.) +256 414 532 844

Contact persons in Chiang Mai is Markus Ask, markus.ask@lakarmissionen.se

Contact information in RRC Chiang Mai:

Läkarmissionen Regional Resource Center
87/9 Tung Hotel Rd., Watket, Muang,
Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand