Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for policy making and strategic decisions concerning Läkarmissionen's operations.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Advisory Board at the Annual Meeting for a period of three years. 

After the 2016 Annual Meeting, the Board consists of twelve members, presented below. 

The Board has two operational committees, one national and one international. If you have suggestions to the Nomination Committee, please contact Hans Hallström at hans.hallstrom@lakarmissionen.se or 08-620 02 00.


From left to right: 

Gunnar Swahn
Elected 2016. Since long a member of the Advisory Board. Has long experience from social development work for PMU and the Filadelfia Church in Stockholm. Member of the International Steering Committee and international working groups within the Swedish Pentecostal Movement.

Staffan Hellgren (Vice President)
Vice-President. Member of the Board since 2009. Vicar/Area Dean, Church of Sweden, Danderyd.
Special interest in microcredits as a development tool. Previous assignments/appointments: Director of Ersta Diakoni, Director of Stockholms Stadsmission, Port Chaplain in Egypt.

Margareta Arvidsson
Member of the Board since 2008. Teacher, Vrigstad.
Committed to social aid, literacy, training & education and leadership issues. Previous assignments/appointments: 36 years as a missionary and 23 years as Swedish Vice Consul in Bolivia.

Bo Guldstrand (President)
President. Member of the Board since 1995. Entrepreneur, Stockholm.
Engaged in Läkarmissionen’s literacy programmes and projects in Eastern Europe. President of Human Bridge. Previous assignments/appointments: corporate executive, various directorships.

Erik Kennet Pålsson
Member of the Board since 2014. Deacon in the Catholic Church, Tyresö.
Prioritises aid programmes in literacy. Church planter and deacon engaged in the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm and ecumenism. Author. Member of the Board of the Swedish Soldiers Homes Association.

Nils Arne Kastberg
Member of the Board since 2007. Consultant in humanitarian aid, Örebro och Miami.
Committed to children and children’s rights. Previous assignments/appointments: More than 40 years of management experience at the UN, for example as Head of UNICEF in Sudan.

Amanda Winberg
Member of the Board since 2015. Lawyer, Gothenburg.
Committed to training & education and microcredits as aid vehicles. Works with commercial law at Törngren Magnell law firm. Previously served as a law clerk in the Gothenburg District Court. Experience of project work in Uganda and China, and studies about developing countries.

Christian Holmgren
Member of the Board since 2014. Engineer, Stockholm.
Special interest in Southeast Asia, education and support for children and children with special needs. Consultant in corporate and project management. Previous assignments/appointments: Humanitarian and missionary work in Bangladesh, Head of Administration at PMU, Pentecostal Director, Vice-President of Dagengruppen.

Agneta Lillqvist Bennstam
Member of the Board since 2005. Doctor, Ludvika.
Mainly interested in healthcare and development issues in Africa. Works in insurance medicine. Member of the Uniting Church in Sweden’s reference group for health and medical care. 17 years of experience as a missionary in DR Congo and as a company doctor.

Sten-Gunnar Hedin
Member of the Board since 2014. Pastor, Solna.
Highly committed to social justice. Previous assignments/appointments: Pentecostal Director, President of RPG.

Maria Wiss
Member of the Board since 2014. Deacon in the Church of Sweden, Jönköping.
Passionate about training & education and self-sufficiency issues. 25 years as a CEO and corporate executive in the hotel and restaurant industry. Experience of and commitment to development aid in India

Kristin Elmquist (not in the photo)
Elected 2016. Upper secondary school teacher of social sciences. A member of the Board and active in S:ta Clara kyrka, EFS, Stockholm. Master in Political Science and International Development and experience from development interventions.