Our organisation

Läkarmissionen is a foundation, governed by an Advisory Board, a Board of Directors and a Management Team, and controlled by auditors and external organisations.

As in most other organisations, the Management Team (led by General Secretary Lars Arrhenius) is responsible for the daily operations, while the Board of Directors is responsible for more strategic decisions, policy making etcetera. 

But when it comes to electing the Board of Directors and making even more long-term decisions, Läkarmissionen is a bit different, since we are a foundation. Instead of having an Annual General Meeting of shareholders, Läkarmissionen has an Advisory Board consisting of 36 elected members. 

To ensure that we meet the highest standards both in our core business and our governance, we have elected auditors, and have also chosen to be a member of a number of external organisations who also have auditing functions.

Since all of our aid projects are run by local partners in other countries, we have established regional resource centers to strengthen these connections. At present we have three such centers: one in Miami, USA (for Latin America), one in Kampala, Uganda (for Eastern Africa) and one in Chiang Mai, Thailand (for Asia).