Core values

In everything we do, we always look to our core values to ensure that we are on the right path.


Fighting poverty

The basis for our development work is to fight poverty. Poverty has many causes and together they can bring about a lack of freedom, a lack of power and a lack of opportunity for people to positively affect their life situation. This may involve a lack of financial resources, a lack of security, education and healthcare, or it may mean hunger, a lack of clean water or no home.


Human rights perspective

Every human being has equal and inalienable rights. When these human rights are respected, the individual is given the chance, according to their desire and ability, to contribute to their own development and that of their family. The inability of nations to respect, protect and fulfill these human rights leads to a lack of freedom and deprives people of the chance to control their own life situation. Violation of these rights therefore reinforces poverty and vulnerability and this in turn helps to ensure that the causes of poverty remain unchecked.


Sustainable development

We see the individual as part of a larger context which encompasses community, responsibility and dependence. The family, civil society, the marketplace and the state all influence the individual’s choices, possibilities and living conditions. We are working for a social, economic and ecological development which means good management of both human and natural resources.



Läkarmissionen’s operation is built on a foundation of Christian values. Our guiding principles are the equality of all people, respect for the individual’s inherent dignity, common sense and ability and every human being’s right to life, liberty and sustainable development.