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Our Organisation

Läkarmissionen is a foundation, governed by the Board of Directors, led by Management Team, and audited by Grant Thornton Sweden and other external organisations.

The Management Team is led by the General Secretary and responsible for the daily operations. The Board of Directors, consisting of 12 members, is responsible for more strategic decisions and policy making. The Board has two working committees that prepare and follow up Board decisions within their fields of responsibility: the International Working Committee and the National Working Committee. 

Läkarmissionen has an Advisory Board consisting of 43 elected members. On the Annual General Meeting, the Advisory Board elects the Board of Directors, their own members, auditors and the members of the nominating committee. 

Our auditors, Grant Thornton Sweden, ensure that we meet the highest standards both in our core business and our governance. Läkarmissionen’s operation is largely financed by donations from private individuals in Sweden. The main fundraising channel for this is Läkarmissionen’s registered donor accounts, (“90-accounts”). These revenues are annually verified by The Swedish Fundraising Control and provide as such donor security.

Our development work is run by our own local offices or local partners. To strengthen partnerships and be closer to our work we are establishing Regional Offices. Their responsibility is to maintain a close relation and follow up with both partners as well as Läkarmissionen-IAS' own implementing country offices. These operational bodies are located in Chad, Djibouti, Dubai, Ethiopia, Niger, Puntland, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.