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Our guiding beliefs

Läkarmissionen is an aid organisation that promotes sustainable poverty alleviation from a human rights perspective. Our mission is to carry this out without making any distinction between the right holders. Läkarmissionen has no religious or political affiliation.


Our core values are based on the ethics of the Christian tradition, by which we believe that every person is unique and has the same value regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity or any other factor which may give cause for discrimination. Our ambition is that our projects should encompass the whole individual from a physical, psychological, social as well as existential dimension. The primary target groups in Läkarmissionen’s local operations are vulnerable women and children. 

Läkarmissionen’s Code of Conduct is inspired by Christian values. This document outlines the standards by which we expect our partners to adhere to in relation to the right holders of our programs, but also in relation to local authorities and to Läkarmissionen. The aforesaid set of values form the foundation for transparency, responsibility and an ethical and moral leadership. 

All those who work for Läkarmissionen, as well as cooperating partners, are expected to act in accordance with our values. These values are not dependent on any single individual’s personal belief or philosophy, but shall nonetheless be the foundation in the practical application of Läkarmissionen’s guiding beliefs. 

Christian Values 

For Läkarmissionen Christian values represent esteem and respect of the intrinsic value of every human being, the inviolability of human life, the integrity and freedom of every individual, equality between women and men, and solidarity with weak and vulnerable persons. All of the above imbued with the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 

Good stewardship is central to Läkarmissionen and this commits our projects to maintain focus on sustainability. Wise use of natural resources as advocated by Christian tradition fits in well with our ambition to work towards social, economic and ecological sustainability. 

Cooperation and Relationships 

Läkarmissionen welcomes cooperation with organisations which base their operations on Christian values, even if they mainly focus on man’s spiritual needs. Läkarmissionen believes that spirituality is positive and should be encouraged. It is to be noted, however, that Läkarmissionen is not an active partner in any evangelisation activities. 

Läkarmissionen wishes to be a voice for the weakest and most vulnerable, a fact emphasized by the organisation’s adherence to Christian values, by which no one is excluded. Our relationship to partner organisations, both in Sweden and in our project countries, should therefore be characterized by openness, warmth and understanding. 

Religion is often a central ingredient in the culture of a country. In our experience, therefore, a good understanding of religion is a prerequisite for creating sustainable projects with long term effect. An organisation with another religious background than that described in this document is by no means disqualified from joint efforts with Läkarmissionen. What determines possible cooperation is consensus on the issue of human rights and also the way in which the organisations pledge to address social exposure.