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Code of Conduct for Staff of Läkarmissionen

Purpose and scope

Läkarmissionen's Code of Conduct is our ethical code, regulating how we act and respond to people. As a representative of Läkarmissionen, you are expected to follow the points of the Code of Conduct and Läkarmissionen's core values, vision and mission, and endorse the guiding beliefs of Läkarmissionen. In addition to employees and volunteers, the Code of Conduct also covers Board members, members of the advisory board, and other persons representing Läkarmissionen in Sweden as well as internationally.


All those covered by the Code of Conduct are responsible for knowing and following these guidelines. Violation to the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Line managers and supervisors are especially responsible for providing information about these guidelines to staff and/or volunteers. The Secretary General is responsible for the design of the Code of Conduct which is approved by the Board.



Dignified life – sustainable world

By dignified life, we mean that all human beings are unique and of equal value, and that every human being has the right to live an empowered life and influence key decisions in their own life. By sustainable world, we mean a world that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable, i.e. that development meets current needs without compromising the living conditions for future generations. Priority must be given to the basic needs of affected people around the world.


To save lives and empower people.

We apply a holistic approach in which we not only save lives but also enable individuals to achieve their full potential. We endeavour to strengthen the resilience of people and societies during crisis and disaster situations.

Guiding Beliefs

Läkarmissionen is an aid organisation which promotes sustainable poverty alleviation from a human rights perspective. Our mission is to carry this out without making any distinction between the right holders. Läkarmissionen has no religious or political affiliation.

Our core values are based on the ethics of Christian tradition, by which we believe that all human beings are unique and have the same value regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity or any other factor which may give cause for discrimination. Our ambition is that our projects should encompass the whole individual from a physical, psychological, social as well as existential dimension. The primary target groups in Läkarmissionen’s local operations are vulnerable women and children.
Please see the full text in “Our Guiding Beliefs”.

The Ten Points of the Code of Conduct

Representatives of Läkarmissionen are expected to follow the 10-point program below for good behavior towards those we work with or for. A previously established code of conduct exists for Läkarmissionen's external local partners in the project countries.

  1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity
  2. Protect people’s personal integrity
  3. Take active distance from all forms of harassment and abuse
  4. Combat all forms of corruption
  5. Do not abuse your position of trust
  6. Manage resources properly
  7. Stay alcohol and drug free at work
  8. Do not counteract the core values of Läkarmissionen
  9. Treat information with discretion and good judgment
  10. Take into account climate and environment issues

1   Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Läkarmissionen has zero tolerance against all forms of discrimination and harassment. This means that you who represent Läkarmissionen should treat all people with respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

2   Protect people’s personal integrity.

We base our Code of Conduct for staff on showing respect for other people: for their integrity, culture and lifestyle. This is especially important when we meet people in a vulnerable situation.

3   Take active distance from all forms of harassment and abuse.

All forms of harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse are prohibited. It is also forbidden to use Läkarmissionen's computers and mobile phones to access pornographic material.

4   Combat all forms of corruption.

No one at Läkarmissionen may contribute to corruption by giving or receiving money, benefits or gifts in any form that can be perceived as a bribe or in any other way contrary to current legislation. Similarly, Läkarmissionen does not accept any form of favouritism, nepotism, embezzlement, extortion or fraud.

5   Do not abuse your position of trust.

You should never use your position within Läkarmissionen for your own gain. Some people may feel that they are in a state of dependence in relation to you, which should never be exploited to your personal advantage.

6   Manage resources properly.

Financial and material resources, entrusted to you at Läkarmissionen should be used in a responsible manner and of course for the purposes that they are intended for. It is up to you to assess whether the expenses are justifiable.

All equipment must be returned in good condition after completion of the assignment.

7   Stay alcohol- and drug-free at work.

Läkarmissionen requires total abstinence from drugs and prohibits drinking alcohol at work. Within the framework of representation and courses, a certain moderate intake of beer or wine can be accepted. In connection with driving, alcohol consumption is prohibited even though some countries have a more liberal view of alcohol and drugs.

8   Do not counteract the values of Läkarmissionen.

Läkarmissionen has no religious or political affiliation. This, however, does not prevent a person working for, or representing, Läkarmissionen from, as a private individual, being a member of and/or active in a faith-based organisation, a political party or other value-based organisations.

However, it is not compatible with our regulations to be active in organisations or contexts counteracting Läkarmissionen's activities and values.

9   Treat information with discretion and good judgement.

It is of utmost importance that all those who, in the course of their work, have access to confidential information relating to an individual or organisation, observe full discretion. As an individual, each employee has the right to freely express her/his views on various issues. Official spokespersons for Läkarmissionen are the President of the Board, our Secretary General and Head of Communications with the right to speak to media as representatives of Läkarmissionen. The Secretary General decides who should comment on current issues.

Keep in mind that private blogs and social media can convey an image of Läkarmissionen which does not comply with our Code of Conduct.

10 Take into account climate and environment issues.

Läkarmissionen works for a sustainable world. We ourselves must set a good example when booking our travels, minimizing energy consumption, being cautious in the use of materials and recycling materials that we no longer need. We always consider the possibility for a digital meeting before travelling.