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About us

Läkarmissionen is an aid organisation promoting sustainable poverty reduction from a rights perspective.

During the more than 60 years of existence our organisation has gone through many changes but its core remains the same - changing lives. Through everything we do Läkarmissionen strives to create opportunities for people in vulnerability to enhance their life quality and empower them to create a better future. Our ultimate goal is for people to create a future for themselves in ways that do not compromise the resources and lives of our future generations. In all work we are guided by a social, economic and ecological sustainability focus.

The organisation does not have any religious or political affiliation but is based in a Christian foundation of values. For us, this means that all people are unique and have equal value regardless of belief, gender, ethnicity or anything else that could be the basis for discrimination.

We are committed to a wide variety of projects that focus primarily on health, water and sanitation as well as training, education and skills enhancement. Through our extensive network and long-term collaboration with long-standing partners around the world, we are effective and far-reaching.


Läkarmissionen and International Aid Services (IAS)

In 2019 International Aid Services (IAS) became part of Läkarmissionen and, in addition to the partner collaboration, the merged organisation also runs an extensive part of own-implemented projects in Africa; denominated as “IAS – an operational part of Läkarmissionen”. Through the merger with IAS, Läkarmissionen has enabled a unique breadth of knowledge and experience, in particular within the domain of WASH and humanitarian aid.