Communities for Stockholm+50

Where and how can we leverage action to ensure that the next 50 years will bring real, transformative change and climate action.


Stockholm+50 celebrates 50 years since the Stockholm Declaration of 1972 and saw the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the global community come together to jointly address and highlight the devastating environmental impact of human activity. Over the past 50 years, whilst we have learned more and more about the reliance human life has on the natural world and are grasping some of complexity regarding climate science and the limits to growth.  Communities across the globe have woken up to the need to take radical climate action, and mitigate against climate change, calling on governments, companies and individuals to take action. All this however has not led to the change we need to avert complete disaster. Carbon emissions are at an all-time high, and we are hurtling towards the Third Great Extinction. Our lifestyles – mostly driven by policy, industry, and governments – are decimating the planet, and the window to act to avoid the worst negative impacts gets smaller by the say.  

LM international, together with our partners and the United Nation’s Environment Programme “Faith for Earth Initiative” believe that accelerated action will only be possible by engaging a critical mass of dedicated persons, organisations, governments and industries. This year, May 31st – June 5th, we will be hosting a whole range of events, workshops and demonstrations to highlight the role of Faith Leaders, Actors, Organisations and Individuals to accelerate climate action. 

There are over 1 billion persons of faith on the planet; if we can mobilise even half of those people, to recognise their role in protecting creation, and contributing to the rehabilitation of our communities and society – to one of equality, balance, healing and love – we CAN MAKE IT. 



Networking Event: Exchange and Learn with Global Activists

Join us for an interactive networking event, bringing together civil society activists across the globe working towards environmental and climate justice – this session is both an opportunity to mobilise resources, learn and exchange on experiences related to environmental and climate action, in addition to finding opportunities for joint collaborations.

All are welcome, but registration is necessary due to limited spaces. Light refreshments will be served.

Where: ABF-huset
When: 31st May 15.00 - 16.45
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Please note: This event is part of the People’s Forum

Faith actors and policy Making: How and why should we include faith voices within climate policy?

This roundtable discussion brings intergenerational and inter-religious speakers and leaders together to practically discuss how and where faith leaders and communities can be better included within climate policy decision making and implementation.

The session will be led by Mary Githiomi, Country Director for IAS Kenya, and the KenyaForResilience Network. Together with global faith leaders and youth faith leaders, expect high-level dialogue and to understand how and why engaging with faith leaders and communities can result in more impactful, sustainable and holistic climate policies and better implementation.

Where: ABF-huset
When: 1st June 12.00 - 13.45
No registration necessary, just come to People’s Forum.

Contact: for further questions or queries
Please note: This event is part of the People’s Forum

Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet - Strengthening values and authenticity in sustainable development

​Welcome to a panel discussion looking at the importance and role of ethics, values and authenticity to strengthen and heal the relationships between humanity and nature.
An in-depth discussion will focus on the role of green corporate strategies, healthy communities, and heightened awareness in achieving sustainable development goals. The participants will examine which shift in mindset is needed so that the well-being of humans and nature can become the new imperative of our global action.

- Golo Pilz, Advisor Renewable Energy Brahma Kumaris
- Melanie Rideout, Global Sustainable Innovation Manager, LM International/ Läkarmissionen
- Kajsa Eklund, Sustainability Coordinator IHM Business School 

Invitation/information to download (Health Mind)

Where: Brahma Kumaris Stockholm, Fleminggatan 29, Kungsholmen, in-person and online
When: 1st June 17.00
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Associated Stockholm+50 Side Event

On June 2nd, FaithInvest, andLM International, will host a workshop on how faith-actors can develop long-term environmental action plans. The workshop will feature the Faith Plans, an initiative by FaithInvest. The Faith Plans is a global, multi-faith programme that mobilises faith communities and organisations, representing the world’s major faith traditions, to create long-term action plans. The initiative invites participants to create plans that use faith wisdom, buildings, lands, purchasing power, investments and influence to drive practical action on climate change, the environment and sustainable development.

This interactive workshop will:

  • Build capacity among faith participants to recognise their stakeholder role as faith-based actors and build knowledge of how to turn commitment into action through their participation in the Faith Plans programme.
  • Showcase initiatives and examples of faith-led environmental action.
  • Leverage long-term faith based environmental action.

Light breakfast will be served; coffee, tea, fruit and sandwiches.

Where: SIDA Head Offices, Auditorium
When: 2nd June 09.00 - 11.00
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Upon arrival register Åsa Nilson as your Sida host

Stockholm+50 Official UN Event:
Faith in Earth – A deep conversation on religious perspectives on the way forward for a healthy planet

Faith communities have a rich tradition of applying a holistic world view on human life and creation. They acknowledge the cry of the earth with the cry of the most vulnerable in our societies. The seminar will create room for religious perspectives on the themes covered in Stockholm +50.

Organizer(s): Swedish Pentecostal International Relief and Development Agency, LM International, SMC-faith in Development, Faith for Earth Initiative within UNEP


Karenna Gore - Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Iyad Abumoghli, Founder and Director of the Faith for Earth Initiative, and Lead Principal Advisor on Engaging with Faith-Based Organizations.

Mary Githiomi – Country Director IAS Kenya and Kenya4Resilience Lead

Festus Mukoya – PMU

Shahin Ashraf - Head of Global Advocacy, Islamic Relief Worldwide

Andreas Holmberg, Bishop of Stockholm, Church of Sweden

Yonatan Neril, Interfaith Centre for Sustainable Development

Charlotta Norrby, Secretary general SMC

Where: Stockholmsmässan, the official Stockholm+50 venue, Room 4
When: June 3rd, 17.45 - 19.00
No registration necessary, but the event is only open to accredited persons for the Stockholm+50 Conference

For access to the live stream contact 


“Because of my faith: Climate Action Driven by Faith”; A Deep Dive Workshop

This practical workshop will look at what added value and difference does faith have for accelerated climate action.

Starting with an opening by Archbishop Thomas, Secretary General of the WEA, the theological discussion of how the faith guides ecological protection and climate action will be framed.
The workshop will then be led by Tagele Matteows, Country Director or YBCEDO, LM International’s local Ethiopian partner organisation.

Tagele will give first-hand experience and impact of YBCEDO’s decades of climate action and mobilisation work, and give practical insights on how bible scripture frames their climate action. This session will help those in the Christian tradition to better leverage faith literacy for accelerated change and climate action.

Light breakfast will be served; coffee, tea, fruit and sandwiches.

Where: SIDA Head Offices, Sukur room
When: 3rd June 09.30 - 11.00

Upon arrival register Åsa Nilson as your Sida host



You can nourish both your mind, body and the planet with peaceful thoughts in meditation and yoga outdoors. Both beginners and experienced practitioners can participate.

2022 marks 50 years since the Stockholm Conference which led to the designation of 5th June as World Environment Day 

You are welcomed to bring your picnic and stay with us after the meditation.

Invitation/information to download 

Yoga and meditation 13.00 - 14.00
Picknick 14.00 -15.00

Where: Gärdet, Hakberget, the park next to the roundabout at Valhallavägen and Lindarängsvägen
Follow the balloons!!
When: 5th June 13.00 - 15.00